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July 22, 2013

This month we have focused on developing a referral strategy by zeroing in on the art of proactively asking for a referral. Asking for referrals is known, as it should be, as a required element of a successful business. Yet, what we see time and time again is that most businesses do not have a proactive referral strategy in place. Referrals may come to them, but they've yet to develop the combination of habit and experience that is needed to have a true referral strategy in place. The result of not having a referral strategy in place? A loss of opportunity and at what cost?!


Take a moment and imagine if your business could double the number of referrals that come through your doors. How would your closing ratio be impacted? How much would your revenue increase? How would your sales process be impacted?


Increasing referrals is an attractive vision, but in order to implement the strategy we've discussed this month you must know what it is you're looking to achieve. This week we challenge you to make a commitment to your business. That commitment is to take one hour of your week and work on creating a vision and strategy for your referral strategy.


We don't expect you to have everything created in one hour, but using this month's articles as a guideline you will be able to use that hour to create an action plan for implementing a referral strategy. We promise your business and yes your bottom line will thank you for that hour of time invested on your business.

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