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What will happen to your business

October 9, 2018

What Business Owners Need to KnowMost business owners have a vision of what will happen to their business when they are ready to retire or leave their business.

For some, that vision means they will transfer ownership to family or sell the business for maximum value.

What most business owners don't want to see is their business windows shuttered up and doors closed, or to have assets sold off and the business, that they worked so hard to build, torn apart and destroyed.

Yet, this scenario happens way too often for small business owners and it's going to get worse. Why? Competition.

In Iowa alone, 23,000 small business owners are older than 50. And 6 out of 10 business owners plan to sell within the next 10 years. Now think about those numbers across the United States. The competition will be strong. How will your business stack up?

Just like in your day-to-day business, there are elements you can change and influence NOW that will make your business more competitive when you want to sell it.

The great news? These same elements, what we call the 8 Key Drivers of Value, are not only ones that will make your business more valuable when you want to sell it, but also more enjoyable to own now.

If these elements are unknown, it can hurt you. If your business doesn't understand and strategize your plan to maximize value you will miss out on opportunities to influence the 8 Key drivers. Don't look back and think, I wish I would have known then what I know now.
Getting your score is free. And while yes, we would love to work with you to design your business to be more valuable through our business coaching and our business brokerage servicesthis is not a sales email. This is a public service announcement.

What we know about small business leaves us obligated to inform and educate small business owners worldwide about what drives the value of their business. This score is a no obligation way to get vital information about designing your business to maximize value.

In addition to the free Value Builder Score, this month we are waiving the fee for the detailed report that comes with the score. A report that includes one hour of consultation with one of our certified coaches, Why? Because knowing your score is that important!

Get your score. Learn how to influence the value of your business. And please, feel free to pass this along to other business owners you know. 

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