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When is Double Vision Good for You?

October 10, 2017

Last week we challenged you to think about the design of your business and answer the question: Have you intentionally designed your business to achieve "Value Realized?" This week we're challenging you to think about double vision. Running a business isn't easy. You already have a lot on your plate and we're asking you to find a way to redesign your business. This requires you to have double vision. 
You have to be able to look at what needs to be done today, while also creating time to work on solutions for tomorrow. It requires a great deal of give and take.  As author Michael Gerber evangelizes; it's too easy to get stuck working "IN" the business and not "ON" the business. To get started, you need to look at your business from a different point of view. You need to separate yourself from the daily grind and think about what needs to be different to achieve the daily results you desire and add to the overall value of your business. 
Our challenge this week is simple: Become aware of how you're looking at your business. Are you stuck viewing how your business works from a "working in it" point of view or are you able to take a step back to see how you might "work on it?" How you see your business is the first step in achieving, "Value Realized." 
Looking at your business with double vision doesn't require a huge investment of your time.  Instead, it requires you to:
  1. Be aware of your thoughts.  If you're not aware that you're stuck working "in" your business, you'll rarely achieve double vision.
  2. Ask different questions.  When you're working "in" your business you tend to ask questions from today's perspective.  How do we handle this problem right now?  It's all about putting out fires, but rarely about preventing the fires in the first place.  Start working "on" your business and change the question to, "How do we solve this problem now AND make sure it doesn't happen again?"

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