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When You Need a Different Solution

August 16, 2016

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This month we're focusing on how you react to things that happen to your business. We've discussed the importance of attitude and making time for preparations, but what do you do when it's go time? When you're in the middle of a crisis, or a new opportunity or challenge is coming straight at you? After all it's not like you can have a system for when things go wrong; a system for how to think through a problem; or, an opportunity that is happening or just on the horizon... or can you?
We, not shockingly, believe that there are "systems" or tools that you can use when things are happening to your business. In fact, there are many problem-solving techniques and tools that force you to look at the solution to whatever is happening to you. If you're an E-Myth fan we recommend the Key Frustration Process. If you're one of our Optimal Outcome clients, you'll find solutions-based thinking to be a great tool for your toolbox. If you're still not convinced, then do a Google search for problem-solving techniques. 
It's important to note that we are using the word "problem" very loosely. These types of tools can be used in a crisis, when there is an opportunity, or even if you're just looking for a better way to do something. They are not meant to be used only when something has gone wrong, but when you need a different solution. We challenge you to find a problem-solving technique or system that works for you and then use it at least five times within your business right away. Using it at least five times ensures that you have a tool that works for you, but it also makes sure that you are familiar with the tool when you don't have much time to spare.  
Tip:  If you're in business, the one thing that you have to be is a problem solver. You probably solve the problems of your team, of your clients, and most likely even some of your vendors. We know that you have to solve a lot of problems on a fairly regular occurrence and yet, we still recommend having a tool to turn to when something is happening to your business. When something is happening to your business it feels personal and it's easy to let the emotions take over. It's easy to skip and miss vital steps toward finding the solution because of time, focus, and a multitude of other reasons all happening at once. Why take the chance with something as important as your business? Whatever the problem-solving technique you choose to use - use it until it's second nature and you begin to automatically think through issues and opportunities to achieve improved results!

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