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Whiteboard Notebooks

March 30, 2015

Every so often we come across a simple idea, tool or resource that we just have to share with our clients. As business owners, we know that you've got a lot on your plate and can always use ideas and tools to help stay organized. This week we've got two words for you: Whiteboard Notebooks.


It's a simple concept, but internally we've found them to be great tools in our continued efforts to improve organization. A couple of weeks ago, we'd joked about how nice it would be to have a traveling whiteboard to take to meetings. We could easily track what we needed without having to waste paper or waste time recreating to-do lists from the various roles and projects.   


A quick amazon search revealed that several companies have created reusable notebooks made out of whiteboard paper. Its use started with one of us in the office but is quickly spreading. Magic Notebook is the style we've been using in the office. We've found it easy to clean, but are also glad to report that the writing does not smear even as you use other pages in the notebook. It has 60 reusable pages that can be torn out if needed.

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