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Why Do You Own a Business?

December 1, 2015

Get Your Passion On!
For the month of December we are challenging you to remember why you own your small business.
We believe you should be connected to the passion, hope, dreams and desires you had when you became a business owner; to be inspired every day to achieve your vision! Take a few minutes to reflect and recall what you hoped to achieve through owning a small business.
  • Why did you start or acquire your business?
  • In the beginning, what did you dream your business would achieve?
  • What did you hope to realize in the way of value from business ownership?
 Now - consider these questions:
  • Are you still passionate about WHY your business exists?
  • Are you excited to go to work and deliver on your promise to customers?
  • Is your team excited and committed - can they describe WHY your business exists?
If you answered no to any of the above three questions - block 30 minutes on your calendar to watch this video to get reconnected to the WHY of your business.
Reconnect with the WHY of your business and Get Your Passion On! When you are passionate about WHY your business does what it does, you can be passionate about doing it better, doing it for more customers, doing it more effectively and doing it more can design and lead your business to achieve your long as you can describe and communicate your vision to others.
YOU CAN design your business to achieve the results your business delivers...if you can describe them!

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