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December 3, 2019

A common problem in many agencies is that lead generation isn’t a consistent habit. The list of activities that can get in the way of lead generation is vast and stretches from call reluctance, or procrastination, to actual client issues that need attention. Some of the excuses are indeed activities that need your attention. Others are things that could be done later or by someone else on your team.

The lack of consistent lead generation is often the root cause for cash flow and profitability issues. Both issues starve the business of the resources needed to grow. When lead generation is a consistent business activity sales will be consistent and the business has the resources to hire employees, invest in marketing campaigns and focus on growth.

Often, agencies try to correct the problem of inconsistent sales with a big sales push. The fourth quarter seems to be a sprint to try to reach goals, achieve trips, and make bonuses for the next year. The problem is its exhausting! Sprinting is meant to be a short activity. And when you sprint and then stop to take a break you find that the business is once again not meeting goal.

Our challenge to you is to change your businesses mindset when it comes to lead generation. Reject that notion that you have to have large chunks of time to generate leads. We often see that professionals block 2-3 hours a day for prospecting. It rarely works! Why? Because it’s hard to get three hours of uninterrupted time. A prospect may ask for a meeting. A client might need a meeting after a loss. Someone is bound to have a question or three, and chances are you won’t say no.

And so that three-hour time block to generate leads fades away. It becomes something that will be done tomorrow or the next day. Until you are forced into another sprint because the business is way behind goal.

Instead, we encourage you to take small blocks of time. Just 15 minutes at a time. The difference is that almost every interruption can wait 15 minutes. A client needs a meeting? Sure, I have to finish this one activity and I’ll be with you. A client has a claim? Give me 15 minutes to clear my schedule.

What, or even who, can’t wait 15 minutes?

And when you take 15 minutes once a day or even once in the morning and once in the evening, lead generation becomes consistent. Cash flow issues, profitability issues, and the barriers to growing become smaller. And you’re not burnt out.

We know it’s not as easy as it sounds. We also know it works. It takes the right mindset and the right setup to make Prospecting in 15 Minutes a reality. That’s why we created our Inspired Action Series, Prospecting in 15 Minutes. We have the tools to help you when you’re ready to stop experiencing the negative side effects of inconsistent prospecting.

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