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January 2, 2018

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Would you rather your clients start over with their financial planning each calendar year?
Would you rather they sit down with you and DESIGN a lifelong plan? 
We think we know the answer, and today we challenge you to ask, "Doesn't your business deserve the same type of planning?" As we start the New Year and you're looking at the new stretch sales goals looming in front of your business, you have a choice. You can choose to take the road most traveled and chase those sales goals, putting everything you have into reaching this year's goals. On that road you can spend all your time and energy figuring out how to exhaust every opportunity to reach that new sparkling annual goal. You can flirt with burnout, increase your stress, and always feel like you're behind. Only to start over, again, next year. Or you can take a road less traveled and break a cycle that is too common in the Financial Services Industry.
You can decide, this year, you're not going to chase your sales goals, but instead you're going to DESIGN your business to consistently achieve your goals. The truth is, your business is perfectly designed to get the results you are getting. If you want growth. If you want more sales. If you want less chaos. If you want more time. If you want, what we call Value Realized, then you need to stop thinking about your business in terms of one calendar year, or a set of sales goals. You need to design it to consistently, year over year, provide you with your optimal outcome.
You're not starting this year from scratch. You're not at zero. You have years in this industry and within your business. Every year, is a block within your business's history and is the foundation on which you build. As the leader of your business, you have to take a step back from the sales goals mentality. Take a step off the hamster wheel so to speak and invest the needed time to work ON the DESIGN of your business.
Your business is bigger than your annual sales goals and without the right design you will continuously struggle to maximize the opportunities to enjoy a business that delivers consistent growth. Achieving your sales goals should not be earned at a cost that involves burnout, stress, and chaos.  This recipe seems to be accepted as common or even normal in the Financial Services Industry, but you can choose to DESIGN a different experience.
Don't get us wrong, we understand the importance of sales goals, and we believe every business should have goals, yet we also know that you're either choosing to:
Chase business (which means you're already behind)

You're going to DESIGN your business (proactively build a business that produces sales consistently).
We know what works, but the question is are you ready to break the cycle? Are you willing to admit that to get different results, you have to come up with a better design? The way you think about your business is vital, because until you decide it's time to work on the design, you'll have the same results. So we challenge you, Design 2018 to be Optimal. Then reap the rewards of a well-designed business year over year.

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