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Blocks of Success

March 6, 2018

Are you blocking success or building blocks of success in your business?

Time management is rarely a favorite topic, but there is a reason it's discussed so often. It is the foundation of success. Do you know the difference between a high-producing agent/advisor and others?
It's not the amount of time that they have. We all have the same amount of time. Their success is in how they design the use of their time. Designing time isn't just about being more productive or simply working harder.

When you design your time, you intentionally dedicate blocks of time to the work that grows your business.
In the financial services industry, it can be difficult. You're encouraged to grow your business, but your contract(s) often penalize you if your retention slips. From a business standpoint, both retention and sales will impact your net profit, but this creates a natural tug of war between new business and servicing existing clients.
The key is to understand what work habits block your success:
  • Too much time spent doing work that can be done by someone else.
  • Reacting immediately to something that can wait - resulting in interruptions to more valuable work.
  • Giving in to clients that refuse to work with anyone on your team other than you.
  • Too many distractions/interruptions.
  • Hesitating to hire; resulting in you doing work that does not grow your business.
  • Having open blocks of time that are not dedicated to specific activities.
When your time is filled with the wrong work, you're blocking your success.
Stop right now and open your calendar.
What do you have scheduled? Pull out your to-do list and look at the activities that you have committed to completing. Either you've built blocks of success by dedicating time to the activities that will create the results you need to achieve, or you've blocked your success by giving up your time to activities that might be important, but that don't have to be done by you. And, if there are too many blank spots, it means you're leaving your success up to chance.
When you have control of your calendar and to-do list, you have control of your success.
When you allow others to control your calendar your blocks of time are chopped into little bits of time, mostly focused on the wrong work. Your priorities get set aside, your focus becomes scattered, and you let others control how you spend your time.
This week we want you to think about the degree to which you allow others to control your calendar.

Would you give the same people the same access to your bank account as you do your time?
Would you give them free reign to schedule what money you spend and what money you save? Because, essentially when you let others control your time, you're letting them control your ability to create the blocks of success that create revenue for your business. Today is the day to start controlling your time and designing your success. 

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