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Building An Ideal Client Engagement Strategy

February 6, 2024

For Financial Services Agents and Advisors who often feel like they are spread thin with both their time and money, developing and implementing an ideal customer engagement strategy can feel overwhelming.

While you may have a brilliant list of ideas for engaging with your clients, the practicalities of putting them into action and keeping them going can also prevent you from getting started. Sending out a weekly newsletter, showering clients with birthday treats, or having daily lunch meetings with prospects all seem like luxuries reserved for an ideal world. However, acknowledging your current limitations is the first step to success, not defeat.

If your business is just getting started, or you don’t have a team of people to help you put your ideas into action, you will need to embrace the reality that some initiatives are beyond your reach – for now. However, don’t let not being able to do everything stop you from getting started. Your business deserves a proactive approach—you can transform the currently impossible into a feasible strategy.

For instance, if sending a weekly newsletter is impractical, consider adjusting the frequency to a more attainable goal, like a monthly or quarterly newsletter. If daily lunch meetings with prospects is too aggressive, start scheduling them 2 days a week. By starting at a slower pace than you would ideally like, you and your business can build the processes for successfully executing your ideal customer contact strategy. The key is to align the frequency with what you and your business can confidently achieve consistently and with quality.

Commit to realistic goals, master the tactics for successful execution, and then consider the next step toward meeting your ideal customer engagement strategy. This process enables your business to gain the disciplines needed to consistently execute a strategy. We've witnessed this transformation repeatedly with our clients, and we believe you can achieve it too.

Also consider which clients need to receive which client touch. Part of finding the ideal contact frequency is understanding that not all clients need every type of touch. It might be impractical to give a birthday gift to every single client, but you could send your top clients a present, your second-tier clients a signed card, and the rest of your clients an email or text. By ranking your clients and tailoring your touches to each ranking you can stretch your money and your time.

Remember to ask your Optimal Outcome business coach for resources that will help you rank your clients and tailor your client touches according to those rankings.

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