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Compelling Reasons to Meet

April 21, 2020

With current quarantine and social distancing practices in place, financial services businesses have both an opportunity and a problem.

The opportunity is that your prospects and clients have more “free” time than ever before. The usual activities that make it hard to get prospects and clients to commit to a meeting are postponed.

The problem is that it’s still difficult to get their attention. Many have kids at home. Many are worried about what’s coming. Many are overwhelmed at the daily news. Many are frustrated by the ups and downs of the market. The last thing they are thinking about is what you can do for them.

The solution is in your messaging. It’s vital to look at this situation from your prospect's or client’s point of view. YOU know that it’s a great time to be looking at solutions and putting financial plans in place. YOU know that there are ways to invest that are not as market sensitive. YOU know all the reasons that someone should sit down with you TODAY and assess their needs.

However, your prospects and clients do not. In fact, they most likely suspect a meeting is meant to “sell” them something, which means more money. They may also not want to think, or make decisions, because they currently have a wait-and-see mentality. As a result, what you say and how you approach prospects and clients is more important than ever.

Challenge: This week think about your ideal prospect. Encourage everyone on your team to come up with why prospects might say no to a meeting to review their needs right now. Then, from the prospect’s point of view give the reason for each objection as to why they should meet now. Once this exercise is complete. look at the script that you use to set meetings with new prospects. Chances are it could use a bit of updating to ensure that prospects hear the compelling reason to meet during a pandemic. 

Go the next step and complete this same challenge for your clients.

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