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Do you have an Entrepreneur Mindset?

March 5, 2019

Do you have an entrepreneur mindset?

In its simplest form, you - the financial services professional - are an entrepreneur. You took the risk to own your own business, answer to limited authority and make your own decisions. Not to rely on a paycheck, but to be paid for the work you directly cultivate.

Yes, financial services professionals are entrepreneurs, but not all financial services professionals have an entrepreneur mindset.

It’s a Business

With an entrepreneur mindset you look at your agency as a business. An entity separate from agent or advisor. This means revenue and expenses are run through the business. For example, all commissions and sales are owned by the business. The business pays you, not the other way around.

Think of yourself as the CEO and President. An executive and leader paid to run the business and make sound decisions to benefit it. Then, decide what your salary should be and pay yourself just like an employee of your business.

Purpose and Vision

An entrepreneur is driven by a purpose. The entrepreneur mindset takes that purpose and builds a vision; a clear picture of what your business will be years from now. Within the structure of our financial services coaching program we call this your Optimal Outcome.

With a clear vision, the direction of the business is set and as an entrepreneurial-minded agent or advisor you are driven to make it come alive.

Strategies in Action

An entrepreneur mindset is strategic. You think ahead and make long-term plans for the business’s future. You design strategies, make plans, and review the results so the vision is achieved.

Although the day-to-day administration, paperwork, service, and sales still need to be completed; with the entrepreneur mindset you also develop the actions that will get you closer to your vision.

The #1 Client

As a financial services professional with an entrepreneur mindset you see your business as your number one client. You prioritize tasks and activities to put this client first. And just like with your other clients, you ask questions, create proposals, and come up with solutions to meet this client’s needs.

We applaud you for taking the risk of owning your own business. As a small business ourselves, we understand the struggles and sleepless nights. We want you to know we are in business just like you. We are in business to empower you, the agent/advisor entrepreneur, to design your business that inspires you to get the results you want and fulfill the purpose you desire.

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