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Getting Comfortable Selling Life Insurance

September 19, 2023

When it comes to life insurance, one common element tends to keep financial services professionals from reaching their goal. And that one common element is their own comfort zone.

Talking about life insurance isn’t exactly comfortable for most people. In order to talk about death benefits you have to approach the topic of what happens if your client or their loved one passes away. In order to talk about living benefits, which is often a missed opportunity, you still have to talk about uncomfortable topics such as aging, disabilities and terminal conditions.

If these conversations are outside your comfort zone, here are three tips to consider: 

  • Gather the right information. Don’t feel like you have to be an expert at life insurance to get started. To help you and your team know what to ask start using a fact finder or a personal needs assessment. Most companies will have samples that you can use. Don’t worry about it being perfect, “Use, Prove, and Improve” the tool. Improvements can come after you’ve had a chance to put it into practice a few times. Let your clients know that you’ll take some time to look at their best options and set an appointment a few days later to present those options. This gives you time to work with a specialist, and then present options to the client. This way you’re helping the client while adding to your own education.
  • Use a script to ask a client for a chance to talk about life insurance. Scripts don’t need to be robotic. Ask for scripts from your company and manager. Practice them. Make sure it sounds like you. And then start using them. You can always make changes later, but for now just get started.
  • Know “why” life insurance is important to you and your clients. Why are you asking them to talk about something uncomfortable? Why are you asking the tough questions? If you have a compelling reason and you share that with your clients, it’s easier to talk about. They tend to give you more leeway not to be perfect, because they understand our intention. The “why” can be as simple as, “Part of my customer service promise is to help you identify risks and opportunities to your financial future. Life insurance can be difficult to talk about, but I wouldn’t be doing what’s best for you, if I didn’t ask these questions.” And then ask for their permission, “Is it okay for us to have this conversation?” It doesn’t have to be complex; it just has to be compelling.

When you understand that having these difficult conversations is how you honor your commitment to helping your client protect what they love and care about then you will feel more comfortable.

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