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How An Agenda Can Help You Sell

July 6, 2021

The power of a meeting agenda. You’ve probably been encouraged over the years to use an agenda for your sales meeting. They provide structure. They keep you on topic. They help you stick to the time. They are powerful. And we love them.

But did you know that an agenda can also be used as a sales tool? Imagine sitting down with your clients and sliding a piece of paper in front of them along with a pen, in case they want to take notes. On that piece of paper are several items, but the three elements related to sales are:

  • Your Customer Service Promise.
  • An outline of what you’re covering in the meeting.
  • A list of products/services that you offer.

To start the meeting, you go over your Customer Service Promise, which most likely reminds your client/prospect that you are there to help educate them on their options to both maximize their opportunities and minimize their risks. We call this Service Through Selling. A way to approach sales by upholding the promise you make to every client and prospect.

Next, you go over the rest of the agenda, which was built from a template but has been customized to that individual’s reason for meeting with you. This helps strengthen the relationship because the client/prospect knows that you’re focusing on them. Note: this only works if you take the time to customize the template to the person that you are meeting.

As you go over the agenda, you’ll circle one or two items that you want to discuss with the client/prospect from the products/services that you offer. Letting them know, “I know you’re not here to discuss these items today, but I wouldn’t be upholding my promise if I didn’t check in on your complete needs. I’d like to take some time today to discuss any needs you may have in the two areas I circled or any other items on the list. Is that okay with you?”

Most of the time your client/prospect will say yes. And even if they don’t buy from you during this meeting, you’ve planted a seed. You’ve reminded them of what you can do for them. And the best part? You encourage the client/prospect to take notes on this paper and to take it home with them. So they can be reminded not just right now, but in the future as well.

It’s a simple, but impactful addition to your sales process. The best part is, if you’re in our Optimal Outcome program we have a sample agenda already built for you to use and a process to help you craft your Customer Service Process. Ask your business coach to send it to you today. If you’re not yet in our Optimal Outcome coaching program, now is a great time to discover how we can help your agency get to the next level.

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