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How Many No’s Do You Need?

January 5, 2021

How many no’s does your agency need this year? We’re starting a new year and along with the new year comes new goals. Often times goals are expressed in terms of success. How many accounts do you need? How much premium do you need to write?

And it makes sense. Your goal is to have a successful year. However, in sales we know that in order to get the number of yes’s you need to reach your goals, you’ll need to get even more no’s. Having prospects and clients say, “no” or even “not right now” is a part of selling that can impact your mood. 

Which is why it becomes important to celebrate your “no’s” and even your “not right now’s.” Those answers are not failures. In fact, they are important milestones you have to reach in order to get to your goal number of yes’s. For many, even seasoned sales people, it can be easy to get discouraged if you let the no’s get to you.

This year we’re challenging your agency to celebrate your no’s and in doing make it easier to stay motivated throughout the year. In order to celebrate your no’s, each sales person needs to understand the number of no’s that they need to get one yes. Multiply that number by the number of yes’s that you need for a specific time period and you have the number of no’s that you need to collect.

Celebrating your no’s, switches the focus on goals from results to activity. You can’t always control when someone will say “yes,” but you can always control how many people you ask to do business with you. Celebrating no’s means that you expect to get them. They are not failures. They are a step in the right direction. And that mindset makes it easier to prospect. To contact the next person. To ask for business. To take a risk. Because, you don’t need them to say yes, you just need to take the action.

Let’s start 2021 with action. Let’s collect the no’s needed to reach your Optimal Outcome.

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