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Is Lead Generation Silent?

January 16, 2018

There's no secret that lead generation is a vital part of any financial services business. Yet, it can easily be a silent killer. Why? Because often there's no automatic alert to tell you when lead generation is slipping.

Sales slip and you see the numbers. Service slips and you'll hear from the customers. There are automatic and built-in alarms that are designed to get and keep the attention of you and your team.

Lead generation slips and eventually you will see the sales slip, but by then the Titanic has hit the iceberg.

What if your business was designed to sound the alarm as soon as your lead generation gets off track?

Lead generation is easy to push aside, to cancel and to schedule over. Even though it's vital to your business, it isn't loud until you're already behind. No lead is expressing disappointment because you didn't call them. It's easy to get caught up in work that matters, but that isn't generating leads.

As important as service is it can easily take over your time and create a bottleneck in your business. Your business has to be designed to have a certain amount of time that is dedicated to lead generation.

Here's a quick test: Pull up your calendar as you read this and take a look at the next four weeks. How much time on your calendar is dedicated to lead generation? Is it enough time to meet your sales goals?
If not, or if it's absent, you have a design issue. Lead generation must be designed into your business activity. It must have the priority that is needed to create consistent sales and build your business to be optimal. And right now is the time to make the change so that lead generation will not be the silent killer in your business.


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