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Need more leads from prospecting sources?

March 19, 2019

How many leads do your prospecting sources send your way each month?

If you’re like most agencies the answer is not enough. Most would welcome new leads and new business, especially if they come from a recommendation.

Yet, most agencies are not set up to create and nurture successful prospecting sources.

Often times, it’s seen as almost a bonus. Something that’s great when it happens, but not something that is relied on too heavily.

Receiving a consistent flow of quality leads from a prospecting source takes time, effort, and strategy.

It doesn’t have to be hard. It does have to be consistent and well thought out.

The number one mistake most people make when it comes to prospecting sources is that it’s all about the leads. It’s not. The leads are the end result, but you don’t get leads without nurturing the relationship.

If a relationship is one sided it will break down. With prospecting sources, you can’t expect to gain leads if you don’t give the other party something of value. And providing value takes time, effort, and strategy.

If you don’t set aside the time to nurture your prospecting sources it will be difficult to add value. And when you don’t add value, your prospecting source will start to forget about you. It’s not that they get upset or even consciously stop sending leads. Instead, they just get immersed in their own day-to-day work.

When you’re able to provide value and nurture the relationship, your business will stay relevant to your prospecting source. Often times, providing value and nurturing the prospecting relationship is left to chance. It’s something that you do when you remember or find time.

The truth is, you won’t find time. You have to make the time to nurture the relationships.

It’s a marketing activity. If your business wants a consistent flow of quality leads from a prospecting source then it’s an activity that must be seen as an investment.

Your business needs:

  • To create the mindset that developing prospecting sources is a vital marketing activity
  • A way of identifying and evaluating the quality of a prospecting source
  • A well-thought-out strategy for how you’re going to nurture and add value to the relationship
  • An easy-to-implement schedule to make developing prospecting sources a core activity within your business

With these in place, prospecting sources become automatic. It’s no longer something that you know works for other people. It’s something that works for your business. It’s a consistent flow of quality leads from a recommendation.

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