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New Year, Proven Process

January 4, 2022

It’s a New Year and in the financial services industry this is often when many agencies take a deep breath. The last two months of the year can be hectic with year-end pushes to meet goals, holidays, and time off. Each New Year is an opportunity to reset goals and have new experiences.

And the truth is, how you start the year often determines how your agency will experience the end of the year. Today, we encourage you to think about the experience you want your team, and yourself, to have at the end of the year, because that starts today.

There’s no secret to achieving your goals before you reach the end of the year. However, there is a clear mindset that successful agencies put into play that makes a world of difference. That mindset is that sales can be learned and controlled via process. It’s not flashy. It’s not groundbreaking. In fact, it’s a bit boring to some. But it is proven to work.

If you’re already an Optimal Outcome client, you have access to a business plan and a set of systems that can help you build your plan for this year. We suggest that you talk to your business coach and update your business plan. If you aren’t an Optimal Outcome client, you can still set your agency up for success. The main systems that you want to be considering or updating include:

  • Your Optimal Outcome – This process is a great opportunity to ensure that you have a clear vision for what your agency will achieve in the future. While the new year is just starting, your business is much more than just this year’s goals. The Optimal Outcome process helps ensure that your focus is on designing your business to achieve success year over year and not just focus on the numbers of one year.
  • Designing Revenue Sources – This proven process helps your agency identify where revenue comes from and what opportunities there are to scale your business. By focusing on the short- and long-term strategies for increasing revenue in the product market set your choose to grow, you will achieve a balanced and stable flow of income for your Agency. This is your go-to tool to intentionally designing the path to maximizing your contract.
  • Targeting Client Prospects – This often-overlooked process will help you and your team identify methods of reaching each target market. It’s such an important process that will help train your team members in understanding each market and gain confidence in reaching out to those markets.
  • Designing a Growth Strategy – Once you’ve dialed in the products/services and markets your agency needs to intentionally scale, it’s time to look at how you’re going to grow those areas. This process is a great way to help you connect your team to the agency’s goals and the part that they play in reaching those goals. This includes not just sales associates, but every member of your team, as sales is a team effort.
  • Activity Plan for Prospecting – And finally, intentionally planning your sales for the year isn’t complete without a good look at prospecting. This set of tools is designed to give your team control of the activity that is needed to maximize your contract. You’ll look at lead sources, time, tracking results, and the plan for how your team will prospect. This process pulls all planning together and inspires your team to take the right actions that are needed to achieve success.

So, as you think about how you want to proceed this year, the question you should ask yourself is, do you want this year to be the same as last year? Or is this the year that your agency is going to say no to chaos and yes to intentionally designing an agency that works. It’s time to put proven processes in place because you deserve success.

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