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Persistent & Consistent = Success

January 2, 2024

In the financial services industry, where precision and strategy are paramount, the guidance of Tony Robbins holds true: "If we want to direct our financial lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our financial destinies, but what we do consistently."

We urge you to infuse two fundamental words into your business approach: consistent and persistent. In the realm of financial services, maintaining a steady and unwavering commitment is crucial. Marketing wisdom underscores the importance of a consistent message and persistent advertising efforts. This principle extends beyond marketing to encompass leadership, financial oversight, lead generation, customer service, and management practices, all of which demand continuous and persistent attention for optimal results.

Several agency activities can significantly benefit from the consistent and persistent philosophy, such as:

  • Holding annual reviews Identifying client needs and cross-selling to them
  • Initiating calls to clients or prospects
  • Soliciting testimonials and referrals
  • Systemizing tasks that enhance customer experiences
  • Controlling your task list
  • Updating websites and engaging in social networking
  • Allocating time for focused strategic business development
  • Continuing education
  • Conducting one-on-one meetings with team members

To prevent missed opportunities and the use of regretful phrases like "if only I would have," seize the moment to identify initiatives in your financial services business that require ongoing commitment. Follow these three straightforward steps:

Step One:

Reflect on the past 12 months by answering the following questions:

  • What frustrations or problems do we want to prevent by implementing systems?
  • How much time does our agency need to prospect in order to hit goal?
  • Which initiatives did we commence but leave unfinished?
  • What valuable insights did we gain but fail to act upon?
  • What best practices proved successful last year that should become consistent and persistent activities?

Step Two:

Based on the insights from Step One, complete the following sentences:

  • Looking back, my financial services business would have benefited if only my team had...
  • Considering the opportunities ahead, my financial services business will benefit if I or my team take the following actions...

Step Three:

Using the outcomes of Step One and Two:

  • Compile a list of priority activities and actions requiring consistent and persistent attention over the next twelve months.
  • Break down the list into actionable items, assigning each a deadline for completion.
  • Identify start dates for each action item, marking the date to initiate actions and meet the completion deadline.

Upon completion, align the established timelines with your calendar and your team's, ensuring dedicated time is reserved to honor your commitment to consistency and persistence in achieving financial success.

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