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Promised-Based Selling

May 7, 2024

Before a prospect becomes a client your business makes a promise to them. In some businesses that promise is implied in the sales process.

Preferably, it's clearly stated and used as part of the sales process. A well-defined client-service promise positions your business to be more than just the product you place in front of them. Sure you may be selling a life, investment, or P/C policy, but the promise you've made is probably similar to, "We partner with you to protect everyday risks and to maximize opportunities as your life changes."

The promise of what your business provides beyond products helps set the relationship up for success. It clearly communicates that your role is bigger than just the policy. From the beginning, it changes the expectations and the relationship. You're not selling price. You're not selling a product that may change in the future. You're not selling just yourself. You're selling them a promise of service that brings value into their lives.

When the promise is implied you miss the opportunity to establish a connection with your prospects. You miss the opportunity to clearly define what your business will do for them and the value that you offer beyond products. You're setting the relationship up to be transactional and not a long-term relationship based on trust.

Promises are long-term commitments to show value. Once used in the initial sales process, your client-service promise can be used when bringing up additional risks and opportunities that are discovered. It can be the bridge between selling one policy and managing all of a client's financial risks and opportunities.

A well-defined promise also provides language and a bigger picture to all members of your team. We use promise-based selling in our Inspired Action Series, Service Through Selling, to help service associates connect to why they need to listen, ask, and act on sales opportunities.

We challenge you to take a look at your promise.

  • Is it well defined?
  • Does your entire team know it by heart?
  • Are you using it as part of your sales process?
  • Is it kept alive through continued client engagements?

Service through Selling

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