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Scripts Can Be A Powerful Tool - When Designed Correctly

October 18, 2022

The power of a great script. We often hear from those within the financial services industry that they don’t like to use scripts. They often note that they tend to have more of a “conversation” with their prospects/clients than follow a script.

And if you’ve ever dealt with a call center employee who is following a script you know that they can be robotic and very frustrating.

Scripts get a bad reputation because they’re often executed in a way that isn’t designed to get results.

There are many reasons to use scripts:

  • they allow someone with less experience to feel confident in holding conversations
  • they work to ensure that nothing is skipped
  • they create conversations with calls to action
  • they’re effective

The key to a great script is that it is well designed. It can’t just be the words that someone is expected to repeat. When a script contains only the words that need to be read, they tend to sound robotic and are actually less effective.

When designing scripts, we like to use the following format:

We find this format to be very effective because it allows the person learning the script to understand the heart and logic of what’s said. Typical scripts don’t teach the “why,” so their tone is often robotic. It doesn’t allow for someone to skip around or let the flow of a conversation happen. And it’s hard to customize because you don’t know what each section is designed to accomplish.

When you add these elements to your script you allow those learning the script the ability to:

  • Skip around. With the milestones listed on the left side this type of script has the ability to be used as a checklist to ensure that nothing is forgotten, even when the conversation goes in its own direction.
  • Customize. When you know why something is included or what it’s meant to achieve, it’s easier to add your own spin to the script. This makes it feel more natural and less robotic. 
  • Learn! When one understands the “why” of the various pieces of the script it’s easier for them to take ownership of it. They are then able to learn and make changes to the script without impacting its effectiveness.

A good script combined with a productive conversation can bring excellent results.

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