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Sometimes You Need To Create A Gap

September 6, 2022

Are your prospects motivated to buy? When it comes to selling, one of the most powerful techniques is that ability to create a gap between where the prospect is now and where they want to be. That gap is based on either an unfilled desire or solving a problem. Either way, the gap creates motivation to buy.

Without the gap, your prospects are not motivated to buy. In some cases, that motivation is already created before they come to you. For instance, with auto insurance there is a motivation to buy because the government has created a fine if your prospects are caught without minimum coverage. This can work against you because if the motivation is a legal requirement, then the prospect will only be worried about price. Their motivation to buy is solely based on having something that says they meet that government mandate.

The problem is that you see the gap that your prospect isn't fully aware of. You’ve seen what happens to clients who don’t have proper coverage on their P&C policies. You’ve seen what happens when someone doesn’t have health coverage. Or they pass away and leave their family without life insurance. To you it probably seems very obvious that EVERYONE would benefit from sitting down to go over their coverage and their needs. That’s where you get to create the gap by helping your prospect understand their risks, and then close the gap with the right mix of products and services that you offer.

When prospects don’t have the motivation to buy, they are far less likely to listen to your message. And it makes sense. You’re asking them to give you their time. Even just 30 minutes to meet with you. Although 30 minutes isn’t a lot of time, time is the most valuable resource. Without that motivation to close the gap, they’re not going to give you a chance.

You must get prospects to agree to sit down with you for that needs-based conversation. And that starts with creating a gap. In just a few words you need to get prospects to see that there is a gap between what they have and what they actually need/want. So, we have a simple challenge for you and your team.

That challenge is to list “why” a prospect should give you their time, their most valuable resource, to sit down with you and discuss their insurance needs. Because once you have that “why” it will be easier for you to succinctly help your client see the risk gap between where they are and where they need to be. Once the gap is defined, the motivation is created.

If you’re struggling with this, talk with one of our Optimal Outcome Business Coaches.

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