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The Best Way to Reward Your Team

February 5, 2019

Financial services businesses often struggle to compete with salaries or benefits that other businesses provide. But, they also want to recruit, reward and retain top talent.

So how does a small financial services business compete to make a compelling offer and a workplace that is hard to leave?

There are several sought-after perks that employees want and they don’t have to cost the business a fortune. With a little creativity, any financial services business can stand out over other businesses to attract and retain employees.

  • Discount Programs – One cost effective perk can be using resources such as,,, or These companies offer discounts on programs, tickets, and merchandise at a very low cost to the business. And what business owner doesn’t want to help their employees save money!
  • Volunteer-Time Off – Giving employees time off to fulfill their passion is a great perk that doesn’t have to cost the business a lot. One day a year can be an effective way for employees to appreciate this perk from their employer.
  • Flexible Work Hours – A business has several possibilities to offer this perk and still maintain the “in” office hours as needed. A few options include: Wednesday afternoons off, late start times, or condensed weeks.
  • Time-Off – Employees appreciate a workplace culture that allows them a good work/life balance. As a small business owner, you have to balance what your business needs, but providing time off is a perk we’ve seen many small business owners excel in creating.
  • Recognition and Praise – A simple $5 coffee card for a job well done can make an impact. And don’t discount the value of a simple hand-written note to say, “Thank you for everything you do toward the success of our business.”
  • Development Opportunity – Employees appreciate their employer taking an interest in them personally and professionally. Within the financial services business there are options in the industry to encourage your team members to grow: additional licensing, accredited certifications, we even have team development and training here at Benchmark Business Group. Team development is not only a personal win for your employees it’s an added win for the business.

When an agency has the mindset that their employees are a valuable asset, they too can compete to recruit, reward, and retain top talent. When employees enjoy what they do, added perks can make even the smallest businesses competitive and enjoyable to work for. We challenge you to be creative, think outside the box, focus on your team and look for ways to perk-up your perks.

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