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The Right People Holding the Right Meetings

April 16, 2024

Financial Services Professionals are not having the right conversations, with the right team members, at the right times. In fact, most Financial Services Professionals don't hold regular meetings of any kind with their team.

This leads to a breakdown in communication, dropped balls, friction between employees, finger pointing, and a general feeling by employees that they're not getting the information and support they need. As a result of having no, or non-effective meetings, employees are often not taking accountability for achieving the results of their position and the Agency isn't getting what it needs.

Why aren't the right conversations, with the right people, at the right time happening? There are many reasons. The most common are:

  • It's a pain to prepare for them!
  • I'm too busy!
  • Why meet when everyone already knows what needs to be done?
  • My team always complains or wants something when I meet with them.
  • Not having a meeting is a good way to avoid conflict.
  • Meetings are a waste of my time.
  • Something "more important" comes up.
  • Meetings always end up with more things for me to do!

The good news is the reasons above can be eliminated. When the right conversations, with the right people, at the right time happen consistently, the Financial Services Professional will have less on their plate, a more productive team, and better results.

The key is to turn the old model of business meetings UpSide Down by providing your employees with a simple, effective structure for each meeting they attend.

What is an UpSide Down Meeting? It is a meeting that ensures the business gets what it needs while empowering each team member to take ownership of their position. A meeting that has structure, consistency, and engagement of the entire team.

  • Structure - All the items are set-up for the meetings to be successful, a specific agenda template for example.
  • Consistency - holding the meetings at regular times and making them a priority for the business.
  • Engagement of the Team - the team updates the agenda template and drives the meeting.

The end result is success in several areas for the business, the Financial Services Professional, and the team.

  • The business gets the information and updates it needs.
  • The Financial Services Professional is interrupted less, doesn't need to follow-up with employees, and saves time by not having to prepare for the meetings.
  • The team member gains ownership of their position, gets their questions and concerns answered, has the chance to brag, and gets what they need to be successful.

We challenge you to turn your meetings UpSide Down and gain these results by having the right meetings, with the right people at the right time!

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