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Turn Your Meetings UpSideDown

October 3, 2023

How often do you meet with your team members? In the financial services industry, it’s not unusual for leaders to skip meetings with their team. We hear excuses such as we’re too busy to meet, or a client called or we talk every day, leading to internal meetings being scheduled over, canceled or not even planned. And we understand that traditional meetings can feel like a waste of time. But we also know that you’re in control of how meetings are designed and delivered in your agency. Which means instead of canceling meetings or just getting through them, it’s time to re-design the way in which your agency holds meetings.

The danger of not holding internal meetings include:

  • Information doesn’t get passed to everyone.
  • Your employees start to feel unvalued.
  • No one is accountable for their work or it’s easy to hide when there’s a lack of activity.
  • Interruptions become the only method to get answers.
  • There’s rarely conversation about how the agency can work more efficiently.
  • Innovation is rarely discussed.
  • Everyone feels like they’re on their own, and not part of a well-functioning team.

We encourage our clients to flip their meetings UpSideDown. UpSideDown Meetings are about empowering your team to own the meetings. Instead of feeling like you have to “pull” information from your team, UpSideDown Meetings use set agendas to design the right conversation, with the right people so that necessary information “bubbles” up from the bottom of the agency to the top.

Benefits of UpSideDown Meetings: 

Enhanced Productivity: By using a structured agenda, UpSideDown Meetings eliminate aimless discussions, reducing the meeting's duration and increasing productivity.

Improved Accountability: Clearly defined responsibilities and deadlines ensure that everyone leaves the meeting with a shared understanding of their tasks, leading to higher accountability.

Time Efficiency: Clients who implement UpSideDown Meetings experience less interruptions and fewer dropped balls. Leading to an increase in time management.

Strategic Focus: These meetings encourage a strategic approach, ensuring that every interaction aligns with your firm's goals and objectives.

If you’re working with one of our Optimal Outcome Business Coaches, make sure you ask your coach for more information on how to turn your meetings UpSideDown, including sample meeting agendas. Just remember, your meetings are a reflection of how you’ve designed your meetings. If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s time to re-design the meetings.

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