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Two Prospecting Essentials

April 3, 2018

Prospecting is key to having a robust pipeline and steady cash flow. However, many financial service professionals struggle with this fundamental activity and end up with a pipeline of peaks and valleys. The good news is you can level out your peaks and valleys by mastering two essential skills for engaging prospects and getting qualified prospects to say yes to an initial meeting.
Mastering these skills will produce a consistent flow of initial appointments.
  1. Develop a clear and compelling message that attracts prospects to meet with you
  2. Be direct , confident, and concise when asking prospects for an initial conversation
Clear and Compelling Message
Before talking to prospects, you must be clear on your message. You must be able to communicate what you have to offer in a way that prospects are compelled to meet with you. Prospects are compelled to meet when they understand the heart of what you do, why you do what you do, and how that affects them.
A common mistake made in communicating a compelling message, is not making sure that the prospect understands how the heart of what you do is of interest to them. Don't make your message just about you, but make sure prospects see the advantage of investing their time in meeting with you. It's not about what you do, or why you do it, it's a combination of why you do what you do and how it helps them.
Communicate your message to your prospect in a way they see the impact for their life! Fine-tune a genuine message that you can communicate appropriately and passionately so others will feel compelled to meet with you and know more about how you can help them.
Direct, Confident, Concise
To engage a prospect in an initial conversation you have to ask them to meet with you. A common mistake is to avoid directly asking. Vague references to getting together or dancing around asking for a meeting will leave the prospect confused or unaware of what you are requesting.
Ask your prospect directly, in a confident and concise manner. Let them know that you want to set a time to learn more about them, and to discover if what you do is a fit for their needs. Don't make the mistake of lengthy explanations or vague references to 'getting together.'
Clearly state your purpose for meeting and let them know how much of their time you would like to have. Prospects want to know what is going to happen. If they don't know or are unsure, they will object to meeting.
Mastering these two prospecting essentials will help level out the peaks and valleys in your pipeline, but they also have a bonus side effect. When you engage a prospect with a compelling message and ask directly, in a concise and confident manner, your initial prospect meetings will become more effective.
You will spend more time meeting with people who are interested in the heart of what you do and are expecting a conversation focused on their needs. If these two essentials aren't yet a natural part of your prospecting process, it's time to master them and create a steady flow of prospect meetings!

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