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What you say may hurt your business

October 16, 2018

As a baby, we learn how to say words, form sentences, and start to learn how grammar works. As we mature, we begin to understand how to use words to motivate and persuade others. 

As a financial services professional you are even advised on what to say or not say to a client or prospect from agency training or industry regulators. However, not as much time is spent looking at how you speak as a leader within your business.

As you run from appointment to appointment, talk with the home office, or communicate in a meeting, you may be unaware of the way you speak and how it impacts the environment of your office. Too often, leaders speak within their team in a way that can hurt the business and the office environment. Because of the impact words have, along with the way they are delivered, it is important to adopt specific disciplines that reflect the image of your agency and your team. Speaking positively can be tricky and sometimes missed, but a key skill all leaders should fine tune.

Then, as an agency leader that masters the skill to speak positively, you create a better work environment, a positive work environment with:
  • A team that trusts you and knows you won't speak negatively about them or others.
  • An environment with high morale, openness, and caring.
  • An environment of respect for everyone, no matter the situation.
How do you begin to improve the environment of your office so everyone speaks positively? As the leader of your business, it starts with you to model how you want your team to speak. Your team looks to you to set the expectation. If your team hears you whisper a negative comment under your breath, or sees you roll your eyes, you give them consent to do the same. Therefore, be mindful how you are communicating to others and who it impacts within your business.

We challenge you to be aware of how you speak about, and to, others. How do you react to bad news from an underwriter? What do you say when someone makes a mistake on your team? If your reaction is not mirroring the environment you want for your team, then identify the steps you need to take to start improving the way you speak and the environment you want for your business.

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