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When Service Becomes Sales

March 20, 2018

Who's on your sales team? In the financial services industry, every member of your team should be considered a part of your sales team. It doesn't matter what position they hold within your business, everyone should be listening for and taking action on sales opportunities.
This isn't just about meeting goals and increasing sales. It's what we call, Service Through Selling. The moment a prospect becomes a client, your business has made a promise to help them understand their financial risks and opportunities.
If anyone on your team is uncomfortable addressing sales opportunities it means they are shying away from the ability to fulfill your promise. They are missing an opportunity to educate clients on the financial risks or opportunities that will affect their financial futures.
This puts the client's financial future at risk. It puts your business' ability to fulfill the promise at risk. And it may put your business at risk to miss an obligation to the client. Make no mistake, holding back is a denial of service.
Yet, many professionals do hold back when servicing clients. Reasons vary from not wanting to come across as a pushy salesperson to being distracted by other work. Many of the reasons are valid concerns, but none should stand in the way of understanding and responding to your client's needs.

Service Through Selling is indeed sales, through providing exceptional service. It's not about trying to manipulate or trick someone into selling. It's recognizing that service cannot be complete without understanding a client's unique situation and offering products and services that meet their needs. It's making sure every member of your team understands that selling is a positive event. Selling IS Service. It's creating a mindset that your business makes a promise to each client that every member of your team is looking out for their well-being and financial future, which means the team will be on the lookout for sales opportunities.
Your team cannot deliver exceptional service to clients without understanding what products or services meet their needs! Service Through Selling is accomplished by putting in place the right tools and training to equip your entire team to identify when a client needs to be offered a product or service.
In order to implement Service Through Selling your business must define:
  • How to listen for needs
  • What information needs to be gathered
  • How to hear opportunities, and
  • What action should be taken
If you're interested in implementing Service Through Selling in your business, look into our new Inspired Action Series. We have proven methods for engaging your team in new ways of thinking and taking action.

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