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January 15, 2019

It’s a new year with new sales goals to reach. Meaning, it’s the perfect time to shine a light on prospecting in your business.

Prospecting is a vital activity, yet it’s one of the easiest activities to push aside.

As your business grows, so do the demands on your time. It’s not until sales slip that most agencies begin to realize that prospecting has slowed down or, at times, completely stopped.

This creates a cycle where your focus has to switch to prospecting until your sales go up and then prospecting cuts back until you reach a lull in sales. It’s a vicious cycle that creates unwanted peaks and valleys in your revenue.

Instead, prospecting in your business should be a consistent and controlled activity that steadily feeds leads into your sales process.

Imagine how your business would grow IF:

  • Every position that should be prospecting spent dedicated time each week to it.
  • Your team knew exactly who to call and what to say when it was time to prospect.
  • Your business knew the moment prospecting started to slip.

Easier said than done, right? The truth is, most agencies do not have a good framework in place for prospecting. Therefore, it doesn’t get the attention it needs to create a consistent and controlled activity.

Prospecting is too often a fire that goes out and has to be re-lit. Or it can be a wildfire that creates wasted leads that your business just isn’t able to follow up with in a timely manner.

In many businesses, prospecting is inefficient. It takes too much time to get set up. Follow ups are not organized and become less efficient. Other work interferes with dedicated time allowing prospecting to be pushed to the side.

These are real excuses as to why people don’t prospect as often or as effectively as they should, but they don’t have to be true for YOUR business. We can help you create a framework that ensures prospecting is a consistent and controlled activity in your business. You can decide that prospecting is one of the most important aspects in your business.

The solution is Prospecting in 15 Minutes (P15). As part of our Inspired Action Series, P15 consists of three, one-hour training sessions for your entire team. You’ll be given the framework and tools your team needs to keep the prospecting fire consistently burning within your business.

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