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Buying a Business Vs. Starting a Business

Should you Start or Buy a Business?

The greatest advantage in buying an existing business is a financial track record you can take to the bank. Startups can be exciting, but they have their own set of financial risks.

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5 Reasons to Buy vs. Start a Business

When you buy an existing business with a proven track record you are buying an existing cash flow with proven services to a known market. If you run it at least as well as the seller, it pays for itself.

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Know When to Buy a Business vs. Build One

Buyers have to ask the "barrier to entry" question... is it cheaper and more efficient to start your own business or does a particular opportunity offer you a sufficient leg-up to warrant purchasing a business instead?
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Buying a Business vs. Starting Your Own

Buying a business can be like adopting an adolescent, much of its personality has already been formed and you need to learn how to adapt to each other to make a successful relationship.
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