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Reduce The Stress Of Selling Your Business

November 21, 2022

Selling a business is a big decision and owners experience a wide range of emotions just arriving at the decision to sell.

There are lots of big and small decisions along the way and since most business owners only sell one business in a lifetime – they simply don’t know what to expect. Combine that with the fact that for most, their business is their largest asset, and their future often depends on maximizing their sales proceeds. It all adds up to a lot of stress and Sellers are often not prepared for an Emotional Roller Coaster Ride through the sales process.

Sellers are Unprepared

Selling a business is not a process to go into unprepared, yet most business owners do exactly that. Most have no idea of what to expect or how to prepare themselves and their business to successfully navigate going to market, engaging with buyers, negotiating a deal, then surviving the due diligence scrutiny of the buyer, their accountants, lawyers, and lenders. The outcomes of being unprepared can be messy and result in both buyers and sellers being frustrated and deals falling apart.

How Can Sellers Prepare?

This was the question we asked ourselves. How can business owners, no matter their background, industry or years of experience be prepared for the process of selling their business? Business owners are busy running their business and when that business is for sale, they need to focus on maintaining or increasing profitability to keep buyers interested. We had to find a way to help a business owner proactively discover the hidden trip wires in their business that blow up deals and cause buyers to walk.

We wanted our Clients to be prepared to: (links to past BBG articles on these topics)

We identified that if we could provide our clients a risk-free practice run through the decisions that come with selling their business, and give them the insights into how buyers think, we could dramatically reduce the stress and remove the barriers to a successful sale. And of course, it had to be quick and easy!

We accepted the challenge and created Seller Insights to reduce the stress of selling and help business owners realize maximum value from the sale of their business. By condensing years of deal transaction knowledge and experience into easy-to-consume videos, tools and activities, business owners quickly learn how to:

  • prepare themselves to engage with buyers
  • get their business ready for buyer scrutiny
  • avoid costly negotiating mistakes
  • survive the due diligence process
  • maximize sale proceeds
  • negotiate a win-win deal with confidence
  • announce their sale to others
  • continue to run a profitable business throughout the sale

Seller Insights combines the skepticism and thought process of buyers with the real life deal-making insights of seasoned professionals. It’s quick, powerful and provides business owners with the insights they need to reduce the stress that comes with selling.

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