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Think Like LEGO to Increase Business Value

January 14, 2022

Preschool children can make a collection of generic looking pieces come together in a complex creation by following the detailed instruction booklet that comes with every box of LEGOs.

It’s quite amazing! Without the detailed instruction book you simply have a box of colored plastic pieces and a ticket to frustration. You can still have fun, but every child will end up with a different creation.

So, let’s do what LEGO does – let’s break down why LEGO-like instructions work, then look at how it will help you have a more valuable business.

Why LEGO-Like Instructions work

  • There is a clear picture of what the task looks like when it’s completed.
  • The builder is provided proven, step-by-step instructions for each stage of the building process.
  • Each stage of the building process clearly identifies the correct pieces that need to be in place before moving to the next stage of completion.
  • If a mistake is made you can work backwards, removing the previous stage pieces to find out where the mistake was made – and easily fix it.

Why are LEGO-like businesses more valuable?

  • Having LEGO-like instructions ensure employees have what they need to be successful.
  • It’s easier to train new employees to get the right results more quickly.
  • Successful employees have more job satisfaction – satisfied employees are more likely to stay.
  • Customer satisfaction increases because employees meet their needs consistently.
  • Profitability increases through efficiency and resource maximization.
  • Buyers will have confidence that even if key employees leave, the LEGO-like instructions stay with the business.

Buyers love LEGO-like businesses because they are proven to work and can be more easily scaled.

LEGO-like businesses are a joy to own. They are more profitable and provide more freedom because every employee has a clear picture of what they need to achieve and the step-by-step instructions to achieve success!

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