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Will Your Online Presence Help Sell Your Business?

March 19, 2024

In the digital age, your business’s reputation is often first assessed online. With information persisting indefinitely, it’s crucial to be aware of what potential buyers are able discover about you and your business. Controlled content—like your website and social media posts—plays a significant role in shaping perceptions. However, uncontrolled content—such as news articles, legal proceedings, and customer feedback—also awaits their scrutiny.

Enhancing Your Digital Storefront

Imagine your online presence as a showcase for your business; you want to captivate and entice. Proactive monitoring and management before you list and throughout the sales process, can ensure your online presence provides interested buyers with a positive first impression.

Discover Public Perception About You And Your Business

Search Engine Insights: Begin with your business name in various search engines, noting the first three pages of results. Repeat with different engines for a broader view. Next, type your name into the most popular search engines to determine if there is content outside of your control that may impact the impressions a buyer has of you and your business. Awareness is Key! You may not be able to change some online content, however you want to be aware of what others will see. If there is unfavorable content, work with your business broker to determine how you can prepare to productively respond to buyer questions.

Reviews: Add “reviews” to your business name in searches. Check out popular review sites such as Google, Better Business Bureau, and Yelp.

Explore Employee Feedback: on platforms like Glassdoor or hiring sites such as Indeed.

Seeing Your Business Through the Eyes of a Buyer

Website Walkthrough: Slip on your “Buyer’s Glasses” and navigate through your website. Check to ensure your business information is current, and click on any links to ensure they work, and lead a viewer to the right content. Make notes on what needs updated and take the necessary action to clean up old or irrelevant content.

Visual Appeal: Ensure your business imagery is current and reflects your company brand. This includes your business website as well as social media platforms.

Social Media Checkup

Active Engagement: An active, responsive presence is key and any unused or neglected social media accounts should be revitalized or removed.

Consistent Posting: Assess the frequency and responsiveness of your social media activity and create a plan for posting on a regular basis.

Proactively Monitor Your Online Presence

Regular Monitoring: Establish a system to keep tabs on online mentions and reviews. Be prepared to constructively address feedback left about your business.

Claim Your Space: Secure your local business listings, starting with your Google My Business profile, Yelp and Bing Places as well as any that promote businesses in your industry. Check to ensure your address is correct, there are links back to your website, business hours are accurately reflected, and any business details or summaries tell the story you want others to see.

Beef Up Your Customer Reviews: Encourage customers to leave online reviews and ensure you're monitoring review sites to respond to both positive and negative reviews.

A healthy online presence is non-negotiable when it comes to selling your business. By auditing and refining your digital footprint now, you ensure your business presents its best face to potential buyers.

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