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October 17, 2017

Question: What's holding you back from achieving, "Value Realized"?  
Our Thoughts: One of the most common remarks we hear from business owners here at Benchmark Business Group is, "I wish I would have done this sooner." The reality is, there is no perfect time to start redesigning your business. In fact, achieving "Value Realized" isn't a one-time occurrence. Rather, it is a way of doing business that once you start will pay dividends, today AND when you're ready to exit your business. The best time to start is now. If you've followed along this month you've hopefully: 
Now it's time to make a choice. Are the frustrations you're experiencing enough to want a different future? Is your business giving you the daily value you hoped it would when you started? Is your business in the best position to sell when you're ready, or must, exit your business? Is the hope and the desire to achieve "Value Realized" enough for you to want a business that is operating differently? Is your business a business of value; one that works for you and not because of you? Is it time to build a business that is built to sell AND own? 
If you're ready to get started, the best place to start is to discover what you don't know.  

You know the value of your home.
You know the value of your car, but
Do you know the value of your business?
And more importantly,
Do you know what you can do TODAY to increase that value?
Our challenge to you this week is to discover your Value Builder Score. The Value Builder Score allows you to have double vision and see your business as a buyer would see it. Knowing your score will allow you to know what the value of your business is TODAY and how to improve that value. The assessment centers around 8 Key Drivers that are statistically proven to be important to buyers. Based on a study of 30,000+ businesses, companies that score 80+ on the value builder score go on to sell their business at a 71% premium compared to the average score.   

Why wouldn't you want to know your score?  Click here to discover your score in less than 15 minutes.

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