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Be Consistent & Persistent In Your Lead Generation

January 30, 2024

Is your lead generation consistent and persistent? We know the year is just beginning and it may feel like you have all the time in the world to meet your goals for the year, but the reality is that time will fly!

Lead generation is one of the easiest elements of your business to let slide. At the beginning of the year there’s often a lot of time devoted to planning for the upcoming year. And there are always plenty of service needs coming from your customers. So, lead generation is one area that tends to slow down. However, what you do in the next few weeks sets the first quarter of the new year up for success - or it doesn't.

Don't allow your business to become too busy for a head start. Go back to the basics:

Use Time Blocking

Take Do Not Disturb Time

Focus on Activity and Your Wins

Peaks and valleys are often considered the norm in sales, but the truth is your activity creates those peaks and valleys. Design your schedule. Monitor your activity. And eliminate the stress and burnout early this year. Be consistent and persistent.

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