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How To Get Control Of Your Time

August 31, 2021

Time management. It’s not always a fun topic, but it’s a foundational piece to ensuring that your business is thriving. It’s an area where we find many business owners and their teams need help. Here are four powerful Insights that challenge the way that you view time, because we know that those people who have a productive point of view when it comes to time management find it easier to implement strategies to make the most of their time.

We’re so used to being interrupted that we don’t always stop to think about how much of our time is taken up by things coming at us. You’ll be surprised how much more time you have when you’re able to limit interruptions:

Interruptions and How they Cost You

Time management really starts with understanding how much time you have to dedicate to work. Some weeks that may be 45 hours. Others it might only be 20 hours. It’s easy to say yes to too many tasks if you don’t know how big your time container is for this week:

The Missing Part of the Story

How often do you protect your time? Too often, we let others take control of our time. We make their emergencies our own. When you start treating your time as your most precious resource, you’ll be able to move your goals forward at lightning speed:

Investing Your Time

How do you protect your time? Well, we have a system for that! We’re joking, kind of, because we do have a guideline. Follow this guideline to help protect your time:

How to Implement Do Not Disturb Time

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