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Making the Switch

November 28, 2017

This insight is Part IV in a four part series that will be released through the month of November.  At the end of the article there are additional links to the remaining insights.

"Plans are nothing; planning is everything." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Our thoughts: 
Intentional imbalance is always about your wins. It's about knowing what they are so when you reach them you can turn your attention to the next win. It sounds a bit odd, but the real reason you plan your schedule is so that you can react to the elements that are outside of your control and still be in control. Yes, sometimes you have to completely rearrange the schedule that you've planned and in a moment's notice. This is where most people struggle. They go for the big "wins" or they take more time off than they can afford and those wins fall to the side. That's how sales people get behind. It's where the discouragement and disappointment sets into their mindset. By not having a plan, they make it that much harder to actually achieve their wins.

Your challenge is to make a small switch in how you think about your sales activities. It's the wins. It's an intentional imbalance. It's using color coding to easily move your plan around. It's deciding that you're going to do something different to reach the results that you need. And it should start today.

Question: What's stopping you from achieving a win, every day?

Creating Sales Wins Series

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