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Technology and Spring Cleaning

April 25, 2017

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This month we've discussed Spring Cleaning in your business including why spring cleaning matters, a spring cleaning checklist, and the ability to let go of projects. This week we want to focus on sprucing up the organization of your technology with a sample checklist. Again, this checklist is meant to be customized. We encourage you to make it your own.

In sprucing up on your technology it's important to look at internal use of technology such as electronic files, email, and the software and hardware your business uses. It's also important to look at the online curb appeal for your business. Increasingly, the impression your website and social media makes on clients, leads, and even vendors can make a difference. 

Electronic Files
  • Check and double check your backup system
  • Reorganize and declutter your computer/server files and folders
  • Delete and unsubscribe as needed
  • Archive old emails
  • Create rules to help manage incoming email
  • Setup email forms to manage emails
  • Setup folders to manage your inbox - consider an electronic tickler system
  • Update and ensure your business has access to passwords
  • Install Updates
  • Check for any known issues
  • Discuss performance for vendor
  • See if there are any additional training/webinars available
  • Ensure your business is aware of and is evaluating any online services that automatically renew with a credit card
Website/Social Media
  • Refresh content
  • Check for broken links
  • Update pictures
  • Ensure that business hours are correct
  • Update any mention of staff that have left or joined the team
  • Check and respond to any reviews
  • Strategically discuss how to get more positive reviews
  • Ensure that your business has a list of all URLs the business owns and where they are hosted including who owns the domain names and when they expire
  • Set any electronic reminders to renew domains

Remember that spring is a great time to refocus on organization so that your business has a solid foundation on which to grow. If your business suffers from disorganization you won't be able to capitalize on new opportunities as quickly. Spring Cleaning might not be your favorite, but it is an important part of your business design.

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