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2 Keys To Sales Success

February 20, 2024

Due to the nature of the financial services business, agents and advisors sometimes fear they will be labeled as "pushy" during their sales process. This, in turn, may lead to skipping crucial elements of the process. 

Below are some actionable steps which will enhance your sales approach and help you to overcome the “pushy” label. 


Asking for the Sale

It's a fundamental yet frequently overlooked aspect of the sales process—asking for the sale. Many financial services professionals engage in meaningful conversations with prospects but hesitate to directly ask for their business. The result? A perpetual sales cycle with numerous interactions but no concrete sales.

The remedy is simple – be clear and direct. You don't need to be aggressive or pushy, but you must ask the pivotal question: "Can we do business together?" The worst-case scenario is a temporary setback in not securing the sale, which is no different from the current situation.

Take the next step today—ensure your sales process explicitly includes asking for the sale. Learn more about asking for the sale in our article Are You Asking For It?

Proactive Follow Up 

The fear of being perceived as intrusive often gets in the way of implementing an effective follow-up system. The key principle here is recognizing that silence does not equal disinterest. Many reasons, ranging from a busy schedule to unforeseen emergencies, can contribute to a lack of response from a prospect. Assuming disinterest based on silence leads to missed opportunities.

In financial services, where relationships are paramount, understanding that silence does not mean "no" is crucial. Implementing a thoughtful follow-up system tailored to your agency’s culture is essential. This doesn't imply daily calls or aggressive messages but rather a strategic approach of being pleasantly persistent.

Embrace the mindset shift—silence is not a definitive rejection. The true worst-case scenario is ceasing follow-ups, only to have your prospect choose a competitor who did persist.

Challenge your assumptions, change your mindset, and establish a proactive follow-up system to uncover hidden opportunities.

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