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October 31, 2017

Time Management and Designing a Business of ValueWhen it comes to achieving "Value Realized" most business owners don't know what they don't know. They don't know what the current value of their business is. They don't know what they need to change in their business to design a business that is built to sell. They don't know where to begin to start building a business of value. This month, our goal was to make sure that YOU do know:

We want to wrap up the month on a strong note about the biggest barrier that holds a business owner back from achieving "Value Realized" and that's time. 

Not having time to focus on change is a reality for most small business owners, but it's also something you can move past. All we have is time. It's how we choose to use our time that matters. Granted, this is easier typed than implemented, but if you truly want different results in your business then you have to change the way you spend your time.  

What's astonishing is how willingly small business owners turn their time over to clients, employees, vendors, and distractions. There are a lot of reasons and many of them are valid, but the consequences are too costly to continue. Turning over your calendar and not being in control of your time is the equivalent of handing over your checkbook or handing over control of your investment. 

Without a doubt, if you want to achieve "Value Realized" the first place to start is your time. Want more help on controlling your time? Check out this spotlight, "How to Implement Do Not Disturb Time." Yes, we have a guide to help you, because we know it's not as easy as it might seem. 

There is however a path; a way to achieve a business that is built to own and built to sell, when you are ready. This month, we're doing something unusual in our newsletter. You may notice from reading our past articles that we try to keep the "selling" to a minimum and focus on content. However, we want to extend a brief offer for those of you following this month. 

Receiving your Value Builder Score is always complimentary and we believe the content is worth the 15 minutes it takes to complete the assessment. Normally, there is a financial investment to receive the detailed report and a one-hour consultation with a certified value builder business coach. This month, for the first 20 readers, we'd like to waive that fee, because we believe those that want to know should know how to increase their business value.  To express your interest simply reply to this email.

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