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Is sales natural or can it be taught?  if your business is going to be successful you need to be able to teach people to sale YOUR way.  In a style and manner that fits with your business strategy.   Whether you're looking to create a sales process from scratch or refine the results of your current sales process you'll find great tips below in the collection of articles on sales from our weekly Business Owner Insights.

Creating Wins In Sales

One concern we hear from business owners is how to know if and when the economy is changing. Are sales slowing down? Are consumers not spending as much? Is it harder to get a yes in the sales process? Tracking your sales metrics will not only let you know quickly...
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Don't Compete On Price

Competing on price is quite simply a poor business strategy. Unless you're the gorilla in the marketplace, you'll never be the cheapest option customers have. Aside from the fact that competing on price is a profit killer, it also damages your marketing position. The first thing to look at when...
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