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Systemizing a Business

Going back to our roots in E-Myth, we believe in creating a franchise prototype where your business depends on systems and not people (including the business owner).  Systemizing your business will create a business of value that provides your with the time, money, and freedom to live your dreams.  Below are a collection of articles on systemizing a business from our weekly Business Owner Insights.

Designing Complicated Systems

At BBG, we often promote the value of systems. Yet, when we talk about systems it often gets reduced to “how to” or technical systems. These systems are important and should be documented within a business. They might include: How to enter a client into your CRM How to prep...
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Designing A Scalable Business

Did you know the scalability of a business not only makes a business more enjoyable to own, but also increases the market value of a business? Scalability is an important topic that many business owners don't take the time to consider. When a business is not scalable it hits its...
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In small business, it’s not unusual for employees to take on several “roles” within the company. The reason is simple, a small business has all the same functions that large corporations must complete. However, the amount of time those functions require in a small business are often less and do...
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