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Articles on the necessary business support activities such as finance, facilities, technology, and employee management that provide a foundation to ensure sales, marketing, and service activities are made possible.  Tailored to financial service advisors, sales associates, and service associates.  Examples: Hiring, Training, New Employee Setup, Payroll, Employee Development, Systems, Commission Structures, etc.

Navigating The Hiring Landscape

Working with financial services professionals across the country, one thing we’ve heard a lot lately is that it’s hard to hire. This isn’t exactly news because it’s something that small business owners in many industries are experiencing. There is no sugar coating it. The employee market is difficult, but it...
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Avoid E&O claims

According to the National Ethics Association, one of the top five reasons E&O is paid is because of inadequate business practices. Errors were found because of the lack of knowledge, action that wasn’t taken, poor communication, and inconsistent business practices. When you look at how fast an agency moves and...
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Costly Hiring Mistakes

In business, the general rule of thumb is to be slow to hire, because hiring the wrong people can be a costly mistake. In the financial services industry, this is especially true. For most positions, you have to find team members that can do the work, pass the right background...
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Is your sales team thriving?

In the Financial Services industry, the conversation between sales teams and managers is often informal and even casual. We often hear, “We’re a small business, we know what’s happening.” Yet, we find that many financial services professionals are not having the right conversations with their sales team. Yes, they talk...
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