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Systems = Success

Most small businesses pride themselves on customer service. In fact, when we talk to most financial services professionals they note that exceptional customer service is one element that sets their business apart from the competition. At the same time, one of the statistics from Help Scout, a help desk software...
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Promised-Based Selling

Before a prospect becomes a client your business makes a promise to them. In some businesses that promise is implied in the sales process. Preferably, it's clearly stated and used as part of the sales process. A well-defined client-service promise positions your business to be more than just the product...
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Always Follow Through

Golf pros will tell you following through with your swing is critical. The key is to do it consistently so your game can be more dependable. When you take this advice and apply it to your financial services business, it still has the same message: consistently follow through to have...
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Unlocking Referrals

"Hey Pat, have you heard of Maple Street Agency? They provided excellent service and covered all my financial needs." Sounds familiar, right? People routinely refer friends to various services, presenting a golden opportunity for agencies. Referrals are an invaluable source of highly qualified leads at minimal costs. Many agencies shy...
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2 Keys To Sales Success

Due to the nature of the financial services business, agents and advisors sometimes fear they will be labeled as "pushy" during their sales process. This, in turn, may lead to skipping crucial elements of the process.  Below are some actionable steps which will enhance your sales approach and help...
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