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Asking Powerful Questions

How well does your team ask powerful questions? ´╗┐Within the financial services industry it’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming an order taker instead of being a trusted advisor. If your team has the right information, they can get your clients quotes and seemingly do a great job,...
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Block Your Time For Prospecting

Although most financial services professionals know how important prospecting is, it’s still the activity that gets pushed aside. The reasons for not prospecting vary, but can include service issues, training, focusing on other lines of business, and even procrastination. There’s a simple, but effective way to ensure that your business...
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Follow Through Consistently

If you want to build a business that provides you dependable results take some advice from the pros. In this case, we mean the Golf Pros. If you want to improve your golf fame the pros will tell you that following through with your swing is critical. The key is...
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Invest In Your Team

In many financial service agencies, there’s a belief that the office must be open M-F and often from 8 AM to 5 PM. This makes it difficult to allow the entire team to meet and/or train together. Often training is held in moments that can be scraped together in between...
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Curiosity Leads To Success

How curious is your team? In the financial services industry, it pays to be curious. When your team is curious it creates opportunities to better understand the needs of your clients. This leads to more sales, but also better service. ´╗┐ By asking more questions and taking the time to...
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