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Insights on the activities that drive the process of collaborating with and managing the decisions of qualified leads to purchase products and services.  These are great articles for Financial Advisors, Sales Associates, and Service Associates.  Examples: Prospecting, Cold Calling, Your Sales Process, Sales Techniques, etc.

Promised-Based Selling

Before a prospect becomes a client your business makes a promise to them. In some businesses that promise is implied in the sales process. Preferably, it's clearly stated and used as part of the sales process. A well-defined client-service promise positions your business to be more than just the product...
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2 Keys To Sales Success

Due to the nature of the financial services business, agents and advisors sometimes fear they will be labeled as "pushy" during their sales process. This, in turn, may lead to skipping crucial elements of the process.  Below are some actionable steps which will enhance your sales approach and help...
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Get Creative With Your Prospecting

Prospecting is vital to the success of a financial services agency. Finding and nurturing potential clients is a continuous journey that requires creativity and adaptability. If you're a financial service professional looking to revamp your prospecting efforts, here are five ideas to consider: 1. Leverage Your Existing Network Do you...
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