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Insights on the activities that drive the process of collaborating with and managing the decisions of qualified leads to purchase products and services.  These are great articles for Financial Advisors, Sales Associates, and Service Associates.  Examples: Prospecting, Cold Calling, Your Sales Process, Sales Techniques, etc.

Why Life Insurance

We recently found this old matchbook advertising Life Insurance, which is ironic on its own. But it got us thinking about selling life insurance. It’s a product that has been on the market a long time. And yet we still see advisors making similar mistakes when it comes to how...
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Let Silence Sit

Most financial services professionals work hard to be seen by their clients and prospects as someone they can trust. The goal is to be a trusted advisor who is knowledgeable, that understands their needs and has a solution that can solve those needs. This leads to a lot of education,...
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The Power Of The Follow Up

When it comes to sales, it’s easy to assume the worst when a prospect isn’t getting back to you. You might find yourself thinking negative thoughts such as: If they were interested, they would answer. I left the ball in their court, but I think it’s a no. The price...
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Sales Training For Your Team

How do you train your team to be more sales focused? Whether you are looking to add a sales associate or simply want your service team to do more cross-selling, training sales is an important piece of running a successful agency. When an agency is first emerging it’s natural that...
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