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Financial Services Insights on team building topics for Financial Service Advisors, Sales Associates and Service Associates.  Will include topics such as Delegating, Handling Employee Issues, etc.

Team Potential

Is your team reaching its fullest potential? Often when we ask this question, we’re met with some reluctance to answer; and even defensive answers. We hear clarifications such as my team really cares about our clients, or even, they work hard. We understand. The financial services industry can be very...
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Making Your Team Better

Every agency has its own language. Words and phrases that only you and your team use with each other; never outside the office or around a client. This language develops and evolves over time. Your language might be shaped by professional experience, for instance you might choose to have your...
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Making Time for Practice

If you were coaching a MLB team in the World Series, would you ever ask your team to show up without practicing first? Chances are you answered with a strong no. In the world of sports, game day is a very small portion of how time is spent. The day-to-day...
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The Best Way to Reward Your Team

Financial services businesses often struggle to compete with salaries or benefits that other businesses provide. But, they also want to recruit, reward and retain top talent. So how does a small financial services business compete to make a compelling offer and a workplace that is hard to leave? There are...
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Do You have a Winning Team?

In a little less than a month, winning baseball teams from across the states will be participating in the College World Series. As we watched the teams compete for their spot, we began to think about the structures in baseball that allow teams to excel. In doing so, we identified six structures that financial service industries need to allow their teams to excel.
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Is your training designed to fail?

In most financial services businesses, training consists of information on products and services and the advice to watch and copy the experts; do what I do and you'll be fine. Most new employees are put in a sink or swim scenario.

Experience is the best teacher, right? Yes and no. Experience is vital in the learning process, but the type of experience will make a world of difference.

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