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Insights for the Financial Services industry on time management practices such as: time blocking, scheduling techniques, and the value of your time.  Perfect for Financial Advisors, Sales Associates and Service Associates.

The Value Of Your Time

In the financial services industry, you’re constantly advising your clients about the value of a dollar. You may educate them on how they can invest their dollars to grow over time or even how to protect their hard-earned dollars from risks such as accidents, crimes, or mother nature, etc. As...
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Service Will Take Over

The financial services industry is a service-based business, which means service has a way of taking over the business. And we understand. Providing exceptional service is vital to your business. It’s why clients choose to do business with you and why they choose to stay, even when rates increase. There...
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Are You Set Up For Success?

You’ve got your goals for the year in front of you. You’re motivated and ready to take your business to the next level. What’s your next step? Are you set up to succeed? There’s a simple and easy exercise that you can complete, right now, that will allow you to...
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Investing Your Time

“Would you give your clients access to your bank account?” When we ask clients this, we always get a very strong and sometimes bewildered, “No.” On the surface it looks like a silly question. Money is a resource that in this industry we actively work to protect and maximize. Of...
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Blocks of Success

Time management is rarely a favorite topic, but there is a reason it's discussed so often. It is the foundation of success. Do you know the difference between a high-producing agent/advisor and others?
It's not the amount of time that they have. We all have the same amount of time. Their success is in how they design the use of their time. Designing time isn't just about being more productive or simply working harder.

When you design your time, you intentionally dedicate blocks of time to the work that grows your business.

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Do You Owe Your Business

Does your business pay you for the work you do? Or do you owe your business?

The answer is directly correlated to how your time is used. It’s the difference between doing work that is valued at $15 an hour rather than work that’s valued at $100 an hour. If your day consists of making changes to a client’s policy; or, calling a client back who wants to reschedule their appointment; or, talking to an underwriter about a new application; you may owe your business (even if you only do this type of work for a few or your best clients)!

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