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All business owners and leaders need the time and space to work on business strategy.  We firmly believe that a business is getting the exact results that it has been designed to get, which means if you want better results you must start with a better design.  Below are a collection of business articles on business strategy from our weekly Business Owner Insights.

Focus On The Future

Is your business future focused? Too often in businesses the conversation gets stuck on the past or even the present. And while both are important, it means that the future is often the point of view that doesn’t get discussed as much, because the business is consumed by past and...
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Small Ways To Grow Your Business

What’s the fastest and lowest risk way to grow revenue in your business? Growing revenue not only improves cash flow and profitability, but according to the data in the Value Builder System, it also increases the value of your business. Businesses that are over the $10 million revenue mark will...
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Scale Your Business For Growth

Most business owners want to grow their business, but many get stuck with how to make that happen. Today we are focusing on scalability and a quick filter that your business can use to think about growth. It comes from the Value Builder System. The filter asks if each product/service...
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Thankful For Referrals

All businesses want their customers to have a remarkable experience. Even better is when a customer has such a remarkable experience that they want to tell others about it. And although referrals can happen organically, the key is to create a referral strategy. No matter how small or simple of...
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Whose Task Is It Anyway?

In most small businesses it’s common for employees to wear multiple hats/fulfill multiple roles. There are good reasons for this, for instance all businesses have accounts payable, but most small businesses do not have enough account payable tasks that justify a full-time position. So small businesses owners do what they...
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