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Below are a collection of articles on marketing from our weekly Business Owner Insights.

Be Clear On What You Do

It’s easy to assume that your potential clients understand what it is you can do for them. But the mistake with that assumption is that they may not have reached that phase of buying yet. They may be ignoring the problem, or the problem just hasn't caused enough pain for...
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Effective Marketing Campaigns

What makes for a great ad campaign? It’s easy to get excited about a great campaign. After all, you probably feel proud of your business and the effort that went into creating the campaign. However, it’s also easy to get distracted by the look and feel of an ad campaign...
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What's Your Secret Sauce?

Did you know there are 8 Key Drivers of business value? We believe that every business owner should know these drivers and understand how to influence them. Building a business based on these drivers creates a business that is more enjoyable to own and more sell-able when you’re ready. Today,...
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Marketing and Sales Check Up

Last week we discussed the need to give your business a checkup heading into the 4th quarter and identified three key places to start: Business Goals and Performance Indicators, Next Steps, and Meeting with your Accountant. You may realize by now that these initial checks were just the tip of the iceberg. With a fresh perspective on the original goals that were set for the business, now is a natural time to look at other areas of the business to ensure that they are feeding the overall health of the business.

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Implementing Your Prospecting Plan

This month we've challenged you to work on creating a three month rolling prospect plan for your business. We've looked at the elements needed to create a prospecting plan and the resources you need to pull together for your team. This week we've got a few more tips to implementing your prospecting plan, but the most important step is to get started. Here are a few tips to get your business started:

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